Well it looks like we’ve been sparking rumors again with Helen coming in for her latest shoot.

We read that due to posting a picture of herself whilst out and about in Swansea, that it set off lots of theories that Scott would be making a return to Swansea, Oh dear! See South Wales Evening Post

Were not sure about that one, but we do know that a fabulous 2 days of shooting was had here @Revue!









Speaking of controversy, we have recently gone against the notion that Men can’t dance (with both our Hip Hop Group lessons and 1-2-1 tuition) with Nathan breaking some real boundaries. Yep Nathan has been inundated with middle age men taking to ditching the stigma you’d think would be attached to a dance studio and booking Private Dance lessons – JUST because they’ve always wanted to. GOAL!


Last Night with a ‘better late than never approach’ Nathan showed one of his guys beginners bboying, top rocks the works…and came away seeing some serious motivated potential – watch this space!





Speaking of Hip Hop, were about to put 6 x new couples through some serious rehearsals over the next few weeks with full on ‘Bootyshaking’ on their wedding night…were not saying anything more…yet…Its TOP SECRET!




Here’s one we made earlier…Cerys and Matthew’s Big Day – Eminem Style!





Just a Quick one tonight, as we’ve hit busy season for studio bookings, so were all ‘dropping like it’s hot’ trying to make sure everyone can get Studio space. If you’d like to see what slots we have remaining between now and December either for rehearsals or to hold your own classes you can contact 01792 643958 or email


Stacey ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ Adamiec x








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